Floor Guardian

Floor Guardian

Gym Floor Covering is a Green Smart Eco-Friendly carpet fiber solution Change your existing athletic gym facility into a multi-purpose event venue

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Carpet Fiber in Harmony with nature

Floor Guardian is proud to offer Green Smart eco-friendly Gym Floor Coverings

Plastic Bottles

The beauty of this fiber it starts out life as discarded plastic water and soda bottles.

The recycled content to make its gorgeously vibrant and luxuriously soft polyester yarn.


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No Tape Installation
Save time, Money and the Environment

Plastic tarps can cost thousands of dollars per year when you calculate the cost of sticky tape that holds the seams every time you install for an event .
Reuseable velcro tape that lays flat is a better solution. Learn how our product can benefit you and your gymnasium.
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Superior Floor Protect
Our product is rolled out instead of being pulled across the surface eliminating the marring and surface scratches caused by plastic tarps.

We offer actual floor protection since our product is much thicker carpet versus a thin painters tarp. No wasted rolls of tape after every event, we use re-usable velcro that will last the life of the covering.

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Get your free Floor Guardian Sample Kit

Packed with information and actual recycled materials. Learn why our products are the best in gym floor protection
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Webinar Video

See Installation and Removal of Floor Guardain products. Watch crowds and catering carts in action on a protected gym floor

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