Dear all,

This is Joe Lin, VPE of Sunrise.
It is my last time to send you agenda.
Because after tomorrow, Sunrise will have a brand new officer team.
And tomorrow night is our new officers installation ceremony.
Please join the meeting and bring your best wishes to our new officers.
And below is the list of our new officer team.

President: Nate Murray
VPE: Hans Chang (main), Edward Wu (deputy)
VPM: Vincent Chuang (main), Liya Chu (deputy)
VPPR: Jennifer Chang (main), Clare Tao (deputy)
Treasurer: May Liao (main), Yvonne Lai (deputy)
Secretary: Arthur Hsu
VP Web: Jenny Liu (main), Brighter Lin (deputy)
SAA: Joe Lin (main), Rosa Deng (deputy)

Looking forward to seeing you on the meeting.

Joe Lin
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