Dear all,

This is Joe Lin, VPE of Sunrise.
Here I'm giving you is Meeting Agenda 20120619 V1.0.
I'm pleased to be the TME of this week.
And it's my last time
to asaign myself to be the TME.
That means it's the end of term of 2011-2012.
Although it's not New Year, 
but we are going to have new president and new officers.
And of course we can have new goal.
So the theme of the meeting is 

Your New Goal for the Term of 2012-2013.

I think your answer will be a good reference for the new VPE.
So please come to the meeting and share your idea.

Next week(6/26), we will hold our installation ceremony.
Except the farewell address(by Ray) and inaugural speech(by Nate).
Until now we don't have any special arrangement.
So if anyone wants to deliver a speech or have a show. 
Please feel free to let me know.

Joe Lin
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