Dear all,
This is Joe Lin, VPE of Sunrise.
Here I'm giving you is Meeting Agenda 20120605 V1.0.

This week we have our president Ray to host the meeting,
and he really wants to show something.
Here is his description of the theme.

The theme is "Show us how badly you want something, and example"
in mandarin, that is 分享你極度想要某件事情時的心情與案例

There must be many chanllenges in our life. 
It can be solved if the goal is clear, and you want it badly.
I am more than happy to know the feeling when you want something badly.
here comes the example for further explanation.

1.I want to learn Surfing badly, therefore, 
   I am dared to practice eventhough I am crashed be wave all the time.
2.I want my girlfriend badly, therefore, 
   I try best to alleviate my egocentricity eventhough it is stressful.

And we will hold a very important event- the Presidential Election.
In order to conduct the election smoothly and successfully, 
hope all of you could join this event in person.
Every member has the right to be the candidate, 
If you are willing to to the president of next term,
please come and participate the campaign.

Looking forward to seeing you on the meeting.

Joe Lin

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