Dear all

This is Joe Lin, VPE of Sunrise.
Here I'm giving you is Meeting Agenda 20120424 V1.0

This week we have Vincent to be our TME.
And here is his description about the theme:

Recently, there are a lot of materials that get more and more expensive.
Such as oil, water, electricity, gas..etc, 
it also affects the prices of goods and foods risen.
In economics, the increasing in the level of prices is called "inflation".
The level of prices is always changeable, only our salaries are stable.
So the theme of mine is "How do you overcome the inflation?"
I heard someone collects coupon and buys commodities in a special sale.
Do you have any good ideas to overcome the inflation?

Please come to the meeting, and share your little tips.
Looking forward to seeing you in the meeting.

Joe Lin
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