Dear all,
This is Joe Lin, VPE of Sunrise.
Here I'm giving you is Meeting Agenda 20111105 V1.0.
The TME of the meeting is our former president Edward Wu.
He chose a very interesting theme for the meeting.
And here is his description of the theme.

Dear Sunrisers:
I am very glad to be TME next week.
Next Tue, I'll lead you to discuss a very easy, interesting topic, 
" My Favorite Toy. How much you love it.".
Maybe you would think this is too childish. 
Yes, I was. Until one day after watching a vedio,
I think adults should also have their own Toys. 
The most important, it represents your interest and passion 
which brings innovation and keeps the world moving forward.
Maybe your favorite is gadget, like smart phone, 
or the old toy that accompanied your childhool, teenage. 
Anyway, just sohw us and let us know How Much U Love it.
I'll show you mine that has accompanied me in recent 5 years. 
Want to see? Come to Sunrise then!

We also have a friend, Tim Hsieh, from NeiHu toastmaster club.
He is the champion of humorous speech ontest from Division A. 
And he will delivery a speech in the meeting.

Just come and show your toy and enjoy the meeting.
Looking forward to seeing you in the meeting.

Joe Lin

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